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Renting in Philadelphia - Red Flags

There are several red flags to look out for when searching for an apartment to rent in a city like Philadelphia. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Poor neighborhood: If the neighborhood is unsafe or has a high crime rate, it is a significant red flag. Do your research on the area before deciding to rent there. Philadelphia neighborhoods can vary block-to-block. It is important to work with someone who knows the city inside and out!

  2. Excessive noise: If the apartment is near a busy street, highway, or train station, it could be noisy. If the landlord does not mention this, ask about the noise level before signing the lease. Being near transportation could be very convenient or necessary! Consider the trade off and if the convenience is worth risking a good nights sleep.

  3. Poor maintenance: If the apartment is dirty or poorly maintained, it could be a sign that the landlord is not attentive to the property. Be sure to check everything from the appliances to the plumbing to ensure they are functioning properly. At Nice Guy Realty LLC we understand tenant/landlord requirements and will make sure you are renting a nice place. Afterall, our mission is "Nice Homes for Nice People"!

  4. Lack of privacy: If the apartment's layout is such that you share walls or ceilings with other units, it could be difficult to maintain privacy. Also, if there are no window coverings, it could be challenging to maintain privacy from passersby.

  5. Inadequate or inconvenient parking: If the apartment building doesn't offer parking, it could be a hassle to find a place to park. Make sure to inquire about the parking situation in advance.

  6. Unresponsive or difficult landlord: If the landlord is unresponsive or difficult to communicate with, it could be a sign of future problems. Make sure to ask about their responsiveness to tenant complaints or issues. This is also true of the agent who is helping you search! Make sure they are working for you!

Nice Guy Realty's main focus is finding good homes for good people. It's our mission statement, our number one priority, and it is what we do best. Reach out for any real estate needs!

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