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Why is Philadelphia the best sports town in the world, and also the easiest city to invest in?

Updated: Jun 7

Kyle wants to know why you are not on board with Philadelphia

Philadelphia PA - The news man wants you to think you will get shot if you come here. The broadcaster on ESPN will warn you, don’t wear Dallas gear here (don’t). The weather man will tell you its always raining, and FX will tell you that it’s always sunny.

The cheesesteaks, cheesecakes, and hoagies are great! But It’s terrifying to be walking around in the city of so-called brotherly love. There is not much love for you if you wear a Celtics jersey around town.   So why would you want to come here, or invest here, or even visit here when the people are so… what’s the word for it …  Philadelphian?!?

What does that have to do with real estate in this town? How are the sports teams and the real estate market related? Why am I getting picked on for wearing an Oakland A’s hat? They’re not even in the same league! and it’s GREEN!

There is one answer to all of these questions. It's the people.

The people here are everything. The people of Philadelphia do not have much. The median household income was just over $56,000 in 2022. We live in arguably the poorest big city in the United States. We don’t have money, fancy cars, scenic views, or golden retrievers. There is not much for the average Philadelphian to hang their (Phillies) hat on. So, what do we do? We take pride in our neighborhoods and in our sports teams.

"What we have, and what we can be proud of, is our culture, our sports, and our neighbors. All of which are better than yours. Yup. I said it. I’ll stand by it."


We will boo our star-quarterback for blowing a game. Because, honestly, that was the one game we could make time for, and afford to go to. You should've known that Jalen.

We will close down our streets so the kids can play all summer long. Residents will be parking blocks away, so that the kids are safe to shoot hoops and bounce around in bouncy houses. Because we want to see the neighborhood as vibrant, and as full of life as humanly possible.

Our block captains will go to RCO meetings and make sure that every new real estate investor is doing right by the neighborhood. Taking into consideration the current and new residents. They will talk to developers, and rehabbers, to make sure the dynamics of the block are kept intact.   

Our small businesses and homeowners and renters will sweep up in front of their properties, and hang Eagles flags out, because they want YOU to know where you are, and that they care about this place. When the game is on, you’re not allowed to talk by the way. Even if you are commenting on how good the cannoli or pierogi are. Save it for the commercial break.

The median home price here is around $260,000, vs $500,000+ in NYC and then $500,000+ in DC. Philadelphia’s real estate is working class. It’s affordable. It’s nice homes, that are typically filled by nice people, who care deeply about their neighborhood, their values, and providing for their families. The single-family-home rental market here is extremely easy to invest in, and to succeed in, if you can understand the mindset of a hard-working and resilient populus. It’s that simple. Do good for them, and you will do well. Go Birds.

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